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Hope is why we're here. That's the motto we live and work by, and as we move into our new building next month, HOPE will be coming with us in a large way.

In fact, we are creating a HOPE wall, that will span two floors of our brand new facility, and be the center focal point of the building. And this wall will be unique, in that it will spell out the word HOPE by being created by plaques donated from supporters like yourself.

If you or your company would like to be featured on our inaugural wall, please donate on this page today.

(Once we receive your donation, we will call you to confirm the spelling/text you would prefer for the wall)

    $1,500 - Your Name on HOPE Wall for 1 Year
    $2,500 - Your Name on HOPE Wall for 2 Years
    $5,000 - Your Name on HOPE Wall for 5 Years
    $10,000 - Your Name on HOPE Wall Permanently
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